Now Is The Time To Take These Communist Seriously

Now Is The Time To Take These Communist Seriously by Rory for The Daily Coin

Tucker Carlson continues the homelessness series taking a look at tent cities in Seattle. This is now the third installment of this series and the scenes are beginning to blend together. The only thing that is changing are the buildings in the background. Please keep all this mind the next time one of these hypocrites tells you that you – yes you reading this – are OBLIGATED to provide education, housing, food, healthcare and whatever luxuries, like internet, home furnishings, cigarettes and alcohol the border jumpers NEED. They don’t seem to care about the people in the tents, broken-down RV’s or under the blanket on the sidewalk. YOU are not obligated to provide them with anything, especially empathy. No YOUR tax dollars should be earmarked for people from around the world who come here illegally, jump our border illegally and then demand services from YOU and me.

The communist, currently flying the flag of socialist, will turn the U.S. into a 3rd world country if they continue to gain seats in the local government. Look at Gavin Newsome, Governor of California and the program he has instituted. Can you imagine this going nation wide? Well, if the so-called “progressives” [code for communist / socialist] continue to be elected or placed in positions of authority across the country it most certainly will spread across the country. These people are serious and if we don’t take their words and actions serious NOW the scenes Tucker is sharing with you this week in a handful of West coast cities will be coming to your neighborhood.

Don’t forget to watch these videos – share these videos and make sure that your neighbors watch and share as well – CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE. This program is what brought lunatics like Rashida Tlaid, Crazy Eyes, Cow Farts Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Aynna Peterson. 4 of the most dangerous people to ever hold office in the U.S. and they are at the second highest level possible. If you don’t take this situation seriously, right now, the children you love and their children will grow up in the world Tucker Carlson presents in the homelessness segment of this program. The truth doesn’t care if you accept it or not, the truth simply is.

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