Are Banksters Moving Aggressively Into Gold, Silver And The Mining Stocks?

Are Banksters Moving Aggressively Into Gold, Silver And The Mining Stocks? from King World News

With the Dow plunging more than 600 and gold rallying, are the banksters moving aggressively into gold, silver and the mining stocks?

May 13 (King World News) – Here is a portion of what Lundeen sent to King World News:  …bull markets in precious metals are also volatile market events, as gold and silver prices are being inflated by flight capital fleeing deflation in the financial markets.

…When the “policy makers” lose their grip in the markets, expect big things, historic daily volatility in the old monetary metals…

Near The Lows Of The Past 100 Years
…gold mining is currently near its lows of the past 100 years!  The only people owning gold mining companies today are true believers; people who most likely purchased them after the 85% decline from 2011 to 2015.

The prospects of seeing gold mining shares declining with everything else in a coming bear market are slim to none in my opinion; they already had their bear market as valuations in everything else inflated.  The survivors in the precious -metal mining industry who have survived this bear market are lean and mean!

Also, I don’t believe finding funding for their future operations in the coming bear market will be difficult.  The banking system is going to have massive problems with loan defaults in the years to come, but that is just half of their problem.  They are also going to have difficulty finding new clients for loans within the economy who have above average chances of actually servicing these new loans to term…

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