Skinny Medic Emergency Essential Trauma Kit (Video)

Skinny Medic Emergency Essential Trauma Kit Video by Reality Survival & Prepping

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Reality Survival

I'm a former USAF SERE Instructor & on this survival channel &, I teach a full range of Survival Skills. The tips & techniques that I teach here are useful for people who enjoy camping, hunting, hiking, backpacking & mountaineering. If you enjoy the outdoors & going on an adventure into the woods you will love the survival information you can find on this channel! My goal is to educate folks on real world survival tips & techniques including Wilderness Survival, Urban Survival, Primitive Survival, Bushcraft, & more. I also do Outdoor Gear Reviews on Survival Kits, Survival Gear, Survival Knives, Guns, Bug Out Bag Gear & just about any kind of Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear & disaster preparedness or prepping gear. I learned many of the survival skills I teach here when I was a Survival instructor for the USAF about 15 years ago (class 97-02). But since then I have also been honing my skills & learning new survival skills sets as well! Go ahead & subscribe!