Selling Egos with Recycled Bodies

Selling Egos with Recycled Bodies by JC Collins for Philosophy of Metrics

Death. We are never truly gone.

Awakening from the small death each morning brings forth the hope and dread of a new day.  Such is a day and such is one lifetime upon the material plane of existence. We pass in and out of this existence with no more consequence than drifting off into sleep each night only to awake and greet each new day with the echo of what came just before.  That which we build now in this life will remain with us into the next.

There is but one road therefore which can lead us out of the endless cycle of birth and rebirth within the material plane and that is a movement towards the great work and quest of eternal progression, otherwise called the search for our connection with the higher self.  This existence is littered with clues and instructions on how to complete this quest but the human being has become self-imprisoned within the material senses.  It is the case that this process and progression, including its ancient teachings and symbolism, have been corrupted by those of weak heart and fragmented mind.  But the eternal light will forever burn, serving as a beacon for the weary traveler upon the treacherous road toward regeneration.

As a child, I glimpsed behind the veil of materiality for but a moment and that energy and awareness propelled my life onward.  During those years the all-knowing adults spoke and truth remained hidden behind fear and desire.  Each day was missing important details which should have been embedded within the construct around me.  Mystical holes appeared where the details should have been.  It was as if I was learning with only one eye open and remained blind to that which was most important of all.

At fourteen a childhood friend was taken through dis-ease and I spent days hidden in a dark closest, sitting at a small wooden desk writing, clawing, cradling, and crying in despair at the innocence which had now been lost forever.  The winters were colder and the summers were more dreary.  But imagination had not died.  The ground still held secrets and the clouds whispered strange things.

Now, at forty-five, there are still secrets and the great mystery continues to unfold itself before me.  It unfolds across the expanse of existence.

Each must battle his dragon and evolve from the beastly nature of the material being in order to be reunited with the golden halo of the spiritual higher self.  The dragon guards the gold you see, and the beast must be defeated through great acts of integrity and selflessness.  We must observe the characteristics of our animal being and material nature for us to become aware and honest with that which requires change.  True freedom begins within us and we will forever be our own slave without the strength and fortitude to begin the great quest.

The most obvious and observable truth remains hidden right before us.  It is obscured by false teachings and contrived ideological and religious dogmas which do nothing to further the objectives of the individual spirit.  This observable truth is that our material existence is a school where we are meant to learn important emotional, material, mental, and spiritual lessons which further prepare us for regeneration and the road towards eternal progression.

For, as Man was fallen, so shall he ascend back to the place from whence he came.  But this return from the wilderness cannot be accomplished without following the universal law as encoded within the educational existence which Man now finds himself.  These laws exist and playout in our individual lives whether we acknowledge them or not.  Ignoring them will subject us to multiple lifetimes of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical suffering.  With each new life, we bring forth that which was previously learned, though we may not be aware of that.  How do you know something?  Where did thought of knowing come from?  Where have you met that person before?  Why did you make one choice over another?  All our echoes of that which came before.

Within this existence, we are fragmented on multiple levels, and each of those fragments is fragmented even further.  Until such a state of fragmentation and separateness exist that Man finds himself living within the broken and burning catacombs of his own hellish making.  The eternal being now experiences existence in four states of fragmented knowing.  There is the material body which is the animal nature of Man.  There is the emotional body which attempts to take the dominant position within the total self.  This position is fought for with the mental body which attempts to apply a material logic and common sense to the state of negativity which has encompassed existence.  These three trap the fourth, that which can be called the soul body, which is our direct connection back to the spiritual source and eternal order of progression.

All four bodies most come into alignment for there to be progression upon the road.  The mind body and emotional body build an ego which is further utilized to control and degrade the material body.  All three working in a corrupt fashion with one another serve to imprison the soul within the full body of Man.  Soul despairs and the body falls into dis-ease while the mind and emotions strengthen the false ego which keeps driving the fragmentation down deeper and deeper with every negative experience.

Only through discipline and integrity can the mind body and emotional body be brought to heel under the powerful force of eternal progression.  From there the material body heals and allows the soul body to expand and regenerate its connection with the spirit.  These truths are embedded within this plane of existence as encoded laws.  Upon honest reflection which operates beyond the ego we know these truths to be factual and observable.  – JC

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