Robot Revolution: Is The American Workforce In Jeopardy?

Robot Revolution: Is The American Workforce In Jeopardy? by: Daniel Jennings for Off the Grid News

The ongoing robot revolution will kill many jobs forever. In fact, some experts are afraid robots, autonomous machines, and artificial intelligence will kill all jobs.

For example, Futurism writer Dan Robitzski fears an “economic robot revolution” in which automation kills all jobs. This would leave most people without a way to make money.

Meanwhile, Electronic Engineering Journal Editor Kevin Morris warns us to “fear the economic singularity.” In essence, the “economic singularity” is the point at which machines control the economy.

Specifically, Morris predicts a future in which people will have one role in the economy: customers. However, Morris does not know where future customers will get money from.

The Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

Unfortunately, the robot revolution, or technological unemployment, is happening now. In fact, robots are already killing jobs at Walmart.

For example, Walmart plans to deploy robot janitors at 1,500 of its stores, Futurism claims. In addition, Walmart will use robot stock clerks at 300 stores.

Notably, the robots are already telling Walmart employees what to do. To explain, the floor-scrubbing robot sends messages about messes it cannot handle to human employees, Futurism reports.

Additionally, Walmart is exploring the possibility of using Flippy the robot fry cook in its delis. To clarify, Flippy is a robot that cooks hamburgers, tater tots, and other fried foods. Notably, Flippy is already working at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and at the Caliburger fast-food joint in Pasadena.

Will The Robot Revolution Kill Jobs?

Significantly, Walmart is the largest private employer in 21 states, The Visual Capitalist estimates. In fact, Walmart employs 1% of America’s private sector workforce. Nevertheless, Futurism theorizes that “Walmart sees human employees and their salaries as circumventable expenses.”

Nor is Walmart alone in killing jobs with robots. For instance, America’s largest supermarket operator, Kroger, is building robot fulfillment centers in Ohio and Florida. To explain, swarms of robots will pull and pack groceries at the giant warehouses. Ultimately, Kroger plans 20 robot fulfillment centers across America.

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