Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/1/19 (Video)

Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/1/19 Video by Fox News

Once again Tucker knocks it out the park. Rips through the Barr hearing, points out lying Brian Williams is now trying to tell people what is truth!! This is like the Keebler elf trying to tell you the Tooth Fairy is real. The so-called “representative” lunatic from Hawaii, Hirono, shows just how ignorant she really is by never even looking up for her script. She didn’t even bother to memorize any portion – just read right from the card! Amazing these people keep getting elected – or are they selected, because who would vote for such a loser? This spills into Corey, super privileged ultra wealthy pushing a socialist agenda, Booker, attempting to show he is “spartacus” when in fact he is just another loud mouth ultra wealthy super privileged punk attempting to “govern”.

Do yourself a favor and stick around for the segment with Bret Easton Ellis at approximately the 50 minute mark.

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