Josh Phair: The Impact of AI & What’s Driving Gold / Silver 2019 (Video)

Josh Phair: The Impact of AI & What’s Driving Gold / Silver 2019 Video by Sprott Money

This month, our Mint Series continues with Josh Phair, Founder and President of Scottsdale Mint LLLP. After starting his career in corporate risk management for some of the largest gold, silver, and copper mining companies in North America, Josh saw the need for a brand to offer traders and investors a higher end product line and elevated experience.
Enter Scottsdale Mint circa 2008—a world-renowned private mint specializing in distinguished bullion products, collectibles, and legal tender coins for 20+ countries. Scottsdale is immediately recognizable for its Eastern Caribbean coin program, its Silver Stacker ® bar series, and its artisan Tombstone products.

In addition, Josh also serves on the advisory board of Monarch Blockchain, a Total Fiat-Crypto exchange and wallet that is uniquely backed by physical silver produced by Scottsdale Mint.

In this value-packed edition of Ask the Expert, you’ll hear:

• The factors driving gold and silver demand in 2019 and 2020

• The role of automation and AI in the mint industry

• Plus: how the Monarch Wallet could impact silver

Find the answers to all this and more by listening here:

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