Tucker Carlson: Free Speech, Moral Decay and Societal Collapse

Tucker Carlson: Free Speech, Moral Decay and Societal Collapse by Rory for The Daily Coin

This is the best show of the week so far. Tucker covers the gamut – the collapse of California while the Governor fiddles, free speech being stripped from America by people that seemingly don’t understand they are, literally, cutting their own throat and wraps up the show with new information about the Navy and Air Force doing a complete 180 degree turn regarding UFO’s. Watch the whole show.

There is a millennial discussing her experience with college, peers and how jacked-up and ill informed peers seemingly have become. The conversation with Adam Carrolla is awesome – Mr Carrolla echoes, whole-heartedly, what Dr Steve Turley has been saying for the past two years – a swing to the “right” is underway and it will be stopped. The “leftist lunatics” are about to washed away and don’t realize what is happening.

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