Redacted Mueller Report Released: Markets Move Higher

Redacted Mueller Report Released: Markets Move Higher by Nathan McDonald for Sprott Money

The markets started the day lower across the board, including precious metals, as the world anxiously awaited the release of the highly anticipated redacted Mueller Report.

Attorney General William Barr, recently appointed by President Trump to replace Jeff Sessions, has now given his press conference and released the more than 400 page Mueller Report, just as expected he would.

In his public remarks, Attorney General Barr took a moment to criticize the media and their reporting over the last few years, highlighting the many misstatements and errors they have made throughout the process.

The release comes with some redacted parts, as sensitive information that could either endanger or compromise innocent people has been removed.

Despite what some hardened conspiracy theorist are saying, this is standard procedure. You cannot publicly shame or bring negative attention to an individual who has not been charged with a crime.

Additionally, all subject matter that is deemed a risk to national security has been redacted too.

As expected, the report—which news analysts and political pundits alike have scoured over—highlights some interesting facts. Some of these facts paint the President and his allies in a negative light, while others exonerate him of wrongdoing.

Regardless of what you hear from the legacy Mainstream Media, which will either spin this news into all positive or all negative depending on which channel you tune into, the markets are taking this release as positive overall for the country.

What this means is, Wall Street and investors as a whole believe that Trump’s exoneration and the verdict of “no collusion” by Robert Mueller is good for the United States.

That I even have to say this is mind-boggling and truly stunning. It shows the level of partisanship that has infested the West as a whole.

The fact that the President of the United States did not conspire with a foreign power—one that many deem hostile to the West—should be celebrated, not mourned!

Still, this is a conspiracy theory that will not die easy, as the MSM has pushed the “Russian Collusion” story for over two years now. The truth completely exposes just how far their journalistic integrity has fallen.

Sadly, much of the MSM has devolved into tabloid status, selectively cherry-picking facts and information to push their desired narrative.

All across the airwaves, anchors and political pundits are attempting to defend the dying conspiracy theory right down to the last minute.

Sadly, what this means is that we cannot expect things to return to normal, we cannot expect things to settle down, and we cannot expect rational minds to resume control.

The 2020 elections are rapidly approaching, and once again I need to stress my past prediction that it will be the most bloody, violent, and nasty election that we have seen in living memory.

This means that chaos will run rampant, and volatility in the markets will reign supreme.

Expect dirty tricks from both the radical left and the extreme far right.

Centrists will be tempted to pick a side. However, you must remain vigilant and resilient, keeping a rational mind at all times, viewing things through a nonpartisan lens, however difficult this will be.

Precious metals, both gold and silver, will offer the protection that they have always offered for centuries on end, mitigating the political risk that at this point is not only likely, but all but guaranteed…

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