Intelligence Agencies Dominated By Liberals Remain A Threat To The American Republic

Intelligence Agencies Dominated By Liberals Remain A Threat To The American Republic By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Why Americans Must Remain Vigilant: As The Table Turns, The Deep State’s ‘Window Of Opportunity’ To Pull Off A Monstrous False Flag Closes Like The Nooses Around Their Necks

With the entire Russian collusion hoax now exposed as the huge waste of American taxpayer’s dollars that it was after the Mueller Report was released proving, if nothing else, that President Trump, like any wrongly accused human being, will fight back tooth and nail against the lies, we look forward to the next step in this very real political drama with President Trump’s re-election campaign threatening to ‘turn the tables‘ upon the Russian-collusion conspirators as heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story.

But with the future sure to bring us proof that the Democrats and msm have been caught in huge lies with even a recent CNN Op-Ed admitting that the Mueller report looks really bad for Barack Obama, and now President Trump preparing to declassify the Carter Page FISA documents within the coming weeks, we’ve long been warned that should the corrupted faction of the deep state and the criminals within the DNC feel the nooses tightening around their necks, they’d 1st attempt to pull off a massive ‘event‘ to get themselves out of the mess that they’ve created for themselves, which even President Trump has mentioned might be treasonous.

As Mike Adams of Natural News reports in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story, the fact that deep state traitors could be going to prison means “they are in ‘sheer desperation mode’ to destroy America by invoking a false flag attack, a civil war, a mass shooting, an invasion or some other major attack that would cause mass chaos.” Adams holds back no punches in his analysis: “This is why the deep state must be destroyed to save America.”

And while none of us advocate violence or vigilante behavior be carried out to hold the corrupted faction of the deep state and those within the Democratic party who’ve committed crimes against America accountable, it’s fantastic to hear Devin Nunes’ recent announcement that names have been forwarded to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution. Yet Nunes also mentioned those names may remain secret forever. So as we’ll see below, we should have all eyes and ears open for a massive false flag event in the days and weeks ahead that takes the attention off of the corrupted faction of the deep state and the Democrats who sold out America and refocuses national attention upon ‘the event‘, with leftist’s heads already exploding over the Mueller report.

So as we’ll explore within this ANP story, just as Susan Duclos had warned only weeks ago was going to be inevitable, the countdown to chaos is now fully underway with payback for POTUS Trump, deplorables and America hopefully ahead and justice absolutely necessary to be served for the future of our Republic to once again become strong and free.


With the left and the mainstream media now uniting in their calls for Trump’s impeachment as this Infowars story reports, moves absolutely reeking of desperation, while President Trump fires back at the dirty cops at the FBI over the fake and discredited Steele Dossier, even taking aim at ‘Crooked Hillary‘ again and the ‘total fraud on your President and the American people‘, we see that the left will continue pushing their lies and propaganda via the mainstream media and Hollywood (which is in total meltdown over Mueller) until the truth finally comes out. Hopefully with the declassification and release of the FISA documents in the coming days or weeks as Susan Duclos reported in this April 20th ANP story.

Yet as Mike Adams tells us within his video, with those who’ve committed treason against America still running free and the deep state still not completely reigned in (US intelligence agencies and the deep state are absolutely dominated by liberals according to this Free Beacon story that the Drudge Report linked to days ago), does anybody really believe the deep state and Democrats will just let Trump lead the country without more trickery, deceit and interference? From the Free Beacon story.:

The CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies have become bastions of political liberals and the pro-Democratic Party views of intelligence personnel have increased under President Donald Trump, according to a journal article by a former CIA analyst.

John Gentry, who spent 12 years as a CIA analyst, criticized former senior intelligence leaders, including CIA Director John Brenan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former deputy CIA director Michael Morell, along with former analyst Paul Pillar, for breaking decades-long prohibitions of publicly airing their liberal political views in attacking Trump.

Charles “Sam” Faddis, a former CIA operations officer, said countering politicization is a critical question. “A secret service that involves itself in partisan politics is a threat to the republic,” Faddis said.

“Do I think CIA officers as a whole are guilty of taking sides or slanting analysis? No. Do I think we have seen senior CIA officers guilty of using their positions to favor the Democratic Party? Beyond a doubt, and I’m not sure they’re all former officers,” he added.


Yet while President Trump has chopped off the heads of those agencies by making sure that people like Comey, Clapper and Brennan are no longer within them, thanks to the intelligence agencies being dominated by the left, like the mythical hydra, every time one head is chopped off, two more grow back in its’ place. As we read in this new story over at Natural News by Mike Adams, “the deep state is the true enemy of human civilization. If we do not destroy the deep state, it will destroy the world”. Adams story republishes this must-read piece by Jim Quinn over at the Burning Platform.

Quinn’s story immediately opens by quoting song lyrics by the band ‘Rise Against‘ from their song ‘The Violence‘, a song which captures the feeling of angst and uncertainty engulfing the world today. His story also alludes to the ‘4th turning‘ and the historical cycles that repeat over and over again over hundreds of years. We’re now in the 4th turning‘ and ‘America’s rendezvous with destiny.

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