Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/18/19 (Video)

Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/18/19 Video by Fox News

Tucker spends the entire hour going through the various truths revealed within the Mueller Report. He brings on a variety of analyst, including one democrat that doesn’t bring anything to table except “because….Trump”. Mark Steyn wraps up the show and is, of course, worth the wait. Either you know and understand the Mueller Reports confirms what is known or you should be handing out in the echo chamber of Operation Mockingbird on CNN or MSLSD.

Once of the greatest situations that happened on Thursday was on CNN when they had 9 different people lined up at one table all saying the exact same thing. They used slightly different words, but the essence of their argument was…..”because…Trump”. Mr. Carlson rips them to shreds, as he should, because it is because of these “journalist” that you and I are paying north of $25 million for Mueller to continually rip at the fabric of our nation for the past 2+ years.

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