CNN & Washington Post Fake News In The Spotlight

CNN & Washington Post Fake News In The Spotlight By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

With The Russia Collusion Hoax Over The MSM Owes A Lot Of People A Lot Of Apologies

So the special counsel Robert Mueller report is finally out (embedded at the bottom of this article), and most liberal media outlets are busy twisting themselves into pretzels in an attempt to justify their pushing of the Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax onto their viewers and readers for nearly three years, while ignoring the amount of “bombshell” reports that the Mueller report has now exposed as outright “fake news,” while other pundits are literally melting down on-air as their own lies have been revealed.


There is no lack of commentary regarding the 448 page report, with each outlet attempting to tell readers/viewers what they should be focused on and what they shouldn’t be, but we believe readers should read the report, at their leisure, and make those determinations for themselves.

I would like to highlight one specific assertion seen throughout the report, and why that  demands that the MSM start accepting their own culpability in their attempts to destroy lives,  of what has now been shown to be the Russia Collusion Hoax, and why the liberal media complex owes a lot of people, a lot of apologies.

Here is a small sample of the media before the report Mueller put together for the Attorney General.

From the report itself: (H/T The Intercept for the screen shots)




Those are just two examples, but that assertion is peppered throughout the report. Not only did no member of the Trump campaign conspire or coordinate (Collude) with Russia or their attempts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, but no U.S. persons coordinated or conspired with Russia either.

I am seeing calls for the liberal media to apologize to the President and his family and associates for their steady stream of Russia collusion hoax lies, but there are many, many others that deserve apologies as well.


Trump supporters, Independent media that fought hard to counter the media lies, expose the “fake news” stories that have steadily been fed to Americans and who were labeled “Russian propaganda,” and other individuals that were stalked and harassed by members of the liberal media, such as the elderly lady in Florida that CNN doxxed, by showing her home address,  and incited their unhinged liberal audience to threaten and harass her online and off, because she shared a Facebook post.

It was a short exchange and I refuse to use the CNN original video, which by the way, is still up on YouTube and their own website, because at the beginning they show her Facebook page with her address, so you can see the exchange at the very beginning of the Secular Talk video below, before the host shreds CNN (language warning) for what they did to her.

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