The Mueller Report

The Mueller Report

TDC Note – So far, I can’t copy any part of the report, but I can provide you with the link.

I want to get this in your hands as quickly as possible and we will bring you an update in a day or so on our findings. After a quick review it appears there could be some real meat on the bone but it is in places, not surprisingly, heavily redacted.

I believe this report, along with the ongoing investigation into why, how and who started this whole nightmare, is going to reveal the true criminals and my guess is it won’t require 2.5 years and $30 million+ to point the finger at hillary, podesta, obama, strzok, page and all the other criminals involved.

Have fun!

The tweet is the very bottom of Huber’s discourse on the Mueller Report – this will paint a very nice picture of the report.

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