Pete Buttigieg Is Drawing The Same Sorts Of Crowds That Barack Obama Did During His First Presidential Run

Pete Buttigieg Is Drawing The Same Sorts Of Crowds That Barack Obama Did During His First Presidential Run by Michael Snyder for End of the American Dream

When I originally heard that a small town mayor named Pete Buttigieg was running for president, I truthfully didn’t think that he had a prayer of actually being a serious contender for the Democratic nomination.  And yet here we are just a few months later, and he is making it happen.  It is expected that eventually there will be at least 20 Democrats running for president, but right now Buttigieg is creating more buzz than anyone else. Without a doubt, progressives are excited that he is the first openly gay man to ever run for president, and that is definitely helping him with those on the left.  But in order to be a serious contender for the presidency, more is required than that, and Buttigieg appears to possess some very keen political instincts.  He also appears to have a unique ability to deeply connect with people, and that should be very frightening for those that wish to keep him out of the White House.

Buttigieg is only 37 years old, but over that short period of time he has put together a resume that will serve him well on the campaign trail.  He was a Rhodes scholar, he served in the Afghanistan war, he speaks seven languages, he owns two rescue dogs and he even plays the piano.

Of course not too long ago it would have been unthinkable for someone like Buttigieg to run for president, and this is yet more evidence that demonstrates how dramatically things have shifted in this country.

And he is drawing crowds that are reminiscent of the sorts of crowds that Barack Obama was drawing during his first presidential run.

For example, on Tuesday night the Buttigieg campaign was expecting about 50 people to show up for a town hall event in Iowa, but 1,650 showed up instead

The momentum of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s campaign forced a Tuesday night town hall outdoors in Des Moines, Iowa, to accommodate a much larger than expected crowd.

The campaign expected about 50 people for its town hall at the gymnasium at Benjamin Franklin Junior High School in Des Moines. The school estimated 1,650 people showed up.

Needless to say, many of his Democratic rivals would kill for that kind of enthusiasm.

And at an event in New Hampshire in early April, the parking lot was half filled with people that couldn’t get in the door…

By the time Pete Buttigieg arrived at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire, on the night of April 5, the space was at capacity and the crowd had swelled to fill half the parking lot. It was drizzling, but word quickly spread that Buttigieg would speak before heading inside, so those denied admission stayed put, preparing to lift up their phones to document this moment in the twilight, when the suddenly famous mayor of a small city in a state they’d probably only ever visit by accident or under force would make the case for his campaign to be the savior who delivers America from President Donald Trump.

Initially, “Mayor Pete” was polling at less than one percent nationally.

But in recent weeks the numbers have really been moving.  He is still only in the high single digits nationally, but he came in third in the most recent national poll.

Perhaps even more importantly, he is raising an impressive amount of money for this stage in the game

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg raised an astonishing $7 million in the first quarter of his long-shot presidential campaign, he revealed on Monday.

‘This is just a preliminary analysis, but our team’s initial report shows we raised over $7 million dollars in Q1 of this year. We (you) are out-performing expectations at every turn. I’ll have a more complete analysis later, but until then: a big thank you to all our supporters,’ he wrote on Twitter.

Some are criticizing Buttigieg for being too far to the left, but the truth is that you could say that about every other Democrat that is running for president too.

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