The Democrats Running For President Are Awesome!

The Democrats Running For President Are Awesome! by Rory for The Daily Coin

The media is pushing a person for President that is openly gay. They tells us this is something the American people want. No… no we don’t. People do not support gay lifestyles any more than they support late term abortion or war. We don’t support it, period.

The latest entrant to the Presidential race is openly gay and is being pushed by the corporate media as being the greatest thing since Obama, actually, they like him more than Obama because he, as a man, likes to have sex with other men.

This type of situation, as Tucker Carlson points out, will make way for a radical like Burn-e Sanders, who is actually the front runner, to continue to capture most of the centrist die hard democrats. Burn-e is the master of deflection and that is exactly what he, along with all the other buffoons running for democrat party Presidential candidate, do every time they are ask a question in which there are a great many they have no plan to actually address.

Take Eric Swalwell (Swallow-well) for example. His answer to addressing mass shootings is to re-write the 2nd Amendment and incarcerate every law abiding citizen that happens to own a firearm. Not only is this beyond ridiculous it is a receipt of civil war. How many people do you know, in your house, that would push back against this type of tyranny?

Once again this type of nonsensical rhetoric will keep a buffoon like Burn-e Sanders as the Presidential front runner for the democratic party. The democratic party already has tons of problems, like the #WalkAway movement and #BLEXIT. A very simple 5% turn to the Republican party generated by these two movements and the democrats do not have chance of winning any seats ever again. Socialism / communism does not sit well with this country and this is exactly what these lunatics are pushing – almost everyone of them. The American people will not accept this, at least not right now. Maybe when the 20 something’s get a little older they will be able to change the laws, but unfortunately for most of the non-thinking socialist / communist they believe in abortion which assurance their demise.

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