Nigel Farage, Once Again, Speaking Truth Directly to the Face of Power

Nigel Farage, Once Again, Speaking Truth Directly to the Face of Power by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

The reason I have such respect for Nigel Farage is he does not hold back. He goes into the House of Parliament, or whatever it is called, where all the so-called “leadership” gathers to spew their nonsense about how they are going to, once again, take advantage of the people. This is also the place where lies are shared so when these satanic globalist go back to their district the message is unified, well, with a few exception. The most vocal of those exceptions is Nigel Farage.

Mr. Farage speaks directly to the people, and in some cases calling them by name, to show them that he is there to represent the people, represent Britain and represent the truth. Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have both lied to the people about BREXIT. May has moved the date 4 different times – March 29, April 12, June 30 and the latest lie is Halloween, October 31.

Listen in as Nigel Farage rips these satanic globalist to shreds, again.

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