How to Reload Ammo Step by Step

How to Reload Ammo Step by Step by Tara Dodrill for The Survivalist Blog

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Reloading ammunition is a great way to save money on rounds now, when resupply is possible. Learning or honing this valuable survival skill could likely save your life when the SHTF and going to the local gun shop to buy more boxes of rounds is no longer possible.

Our Second Amendment rights remain under constant attack by liberal state and federal lawmakers. Those attempts to infringe upon our right to bear arms are definitely not limited to the purchase, ownership, and carrying of firearms.

Both the proposal and passage laws limiting the ability to purchase ammunition are ongoing in many states across the country. Buying what you need, when you need it, could become difficult even before a doomsday disaster.

One such law was slated to be enacted at the beginning of 2018 in – yep, you guessed it…California. The law requires residents to purchase ammunition solely in face-to-face transactions. This means ordering rounds online or through a catalog to garner difficult to find rounds to find a less expensive price, or to stockpile large quantities quickly is no longer legal. The NRA is challenging the implementation of the restrictive California ammo law.

Basic Components to Ammunition Reloading

There are four basic components to reloading ammunition:

1. Brass Casing – You can save spent casings, or purchase new empty casings from firearms suppliers. The casing holds the bullet, the gunpowder, and the primer.

2. Primer – There are different types and sizes of primers designed for use in various cartridges. Primers vary by brand of ammunition. The reloading manual will help you determine the primer you need.

3. Gunpowder – Choosing the right type of gunpowder and measuring it exactly right will determine if you have created a safe and functional reloaded round. This is perhaps the most critical step in the entire reloading process. The reloading manual will guide you through this stage of the process.

4. Bullet – There’re almost as many bullet types as caliber types. The reloading manual will once again be your most valuable resource when purchasing bullets to place inside of the reloaded rounds.

Ammunition Reloading 101

Reloading ammunition is not something to be undertaken on your kitchen table, or even in your attached garage. Before spending time and money to purchase all of the necessary supplies and learning how to reload rounds, create a safe space to undertake the task.

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