Elizabeth Warren wants to end “beyond a reasonable doubt” for criminal convictions

Elizabeth Warren wants to end “beyond a reasonable doubt” for criminal convictions by Simon Black for Sovereign Man

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Elizabeth Warren wants to destroy centuries of legal standards

To take your freedom requires more evidence than to take your money. For now.

Criminal convictions depend on the accused being guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. Civil convictions depend only on a preponderance of evidence pointing to guilt.

But Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill last week to apply criminal penalties to corporate executives found civilly liable for company misconduct.

And these criminal penalties would apply regardless of intent. Failure to stop a crime would be considered a crime itself, whether you knew about it or not.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is speaking out against the proposed law, calling it a dangerous attempt to abandon “core principles of criminal law that have been part of the Anglo-American legal tradition for centuries.”

As a former Harvard Law Professor, Warren must understand the implications of this bill. And that makes her a very scary candidate to occupy the oval office.

But what else would we expect from this crop of rising Bolsheviks? Revolutions can’t abide by stale old ideas like rule of law.

Philadelphia becomes the first major US city to ban cashless stores

Two weeks ago we talked about a San Francisco politician trying to require all stores in the city to hire cashiers and accept cash.

Now Philadelphia has beat them to the punch. It is the first major US city to outlaw the coming innovation of cash/cashierless stores, like Amazon Go.

The excuse, of course, is that people without access to credit cards or bank accounts won’t be able to use those cashless stores.

Seems like it would be a lot easier for those people to continue going to the same stores where they are currently shopping, and allow other consumers who prefer to shop at Amazon Go to make their own decisions.

But no. Politicians’ zeal to stick it to Amazon outweighs everything else… so they choose instead to outlaw innovation at the expense of consumers.

Another victory for the Bolsheviks!

Genealogy companies go all in for the Federal Government

Two months ago, Family Tree DNA shared a database full of private customer DNA data with the federal government.

After a backlash from customers, the company changed their rules to allow people to opt out of sharing their DNA with law enforcement.

But now Family Tree DNA is preparing an advertising offensive called “Families Want Answers,” in an attempt to convince customers it is their “moral responsibility” to share their DNA with law enforcement.

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