Did Ecuador sell Assange for IMF loan? (Video)

Did Ecuador sell Assange for IMF loan? Video by Inessa S

Wouldn’t be the first time financial loans are used for political aims…
After the 2014 Maidan in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s son was appointed as Director of Ukraine’s largest natural gas producing company Burisma (because conflict of interest is not a thing in US foreign policy). In a 2018 talk with the Council on Foreign Relations, Joe Biden actually bragged about the fact he was able to get a Ukrainian state prosecutor, Victor Shokin, fired for his investigation of corruption allegations against Burisma. How’s that for “freedom and democracy”?

On April 11, 2019 – Wikilieaks founder Julian Assange was apprehended in his long-time political asylum residence of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The former president of Ecuador, Rafael Carrea, accused current president Lenin Moreno of being a traitor and giving Assange over in part for revenge of publications against him. A few days later, it also became known that Ecuador received a loan of $4.2 billion from the IMF – a hefty amount for the small country.

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