Assange, Vaccines and The Armor of God

Assange, Vaccines and The Armor of God by Rory for The Daily Coin

Sean of SGTReport invited me on to discuss a couple of the main topics on Thursday. As you will hear, we skimmed across the top of the Assange arrest as we recorded this fairly early in the day and some of the details had not been yet made available.

We then take a dive into the topics of vaccines, the damage caused and yet another side of the censorship of truth. Whistleblowers are now called treasonous and truth tellers are now called criminals who must be silenced.

One of the articles that I bring to the table regarding vaccines is, to this day, still spreading, still being shared and is continually finding new ground, new eyes and new ears to hear the truth about vaccines and autism.

U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism

We come back to the Assange conversation to put a fine point on what was known at the time of recording.

The show ends with Sean allowing me to discuss my new venture, Gospel News Network, and the impact that Jesus Christ is having on my life and the fact that His word, His name are, to this day, Lighting the world and providing hope for millions upon millions of people around the world. My prayer is that you, if you haven’t already, find Jesus Christ and embrace His love for you and the world.

As we watch our communities, society and nation move closer and closer the edge of the abyss if we take a very short trip back in history we would easily find the foundation of our communities. We would find the Christian church, literally, at the center of the communities. As the U.S. continued to expand, move west and come of age we see the church being replaced by the courthouse. This is a very distinct and important change. We moved from being a nation centered on God’s law to a nation centered on man’s law – these are very distinct differences with massive implications. We are seeing the result of making this change.

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