Christians Hunted Like Animals In At Least One Chinese City

Christians Hunted Like Animals In At Least One Chinese City by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

It’s okay, its China a friend of the U.S. and especially of 35+ year CONgreeman Diane Feinstein. While corporate media drones on and on about how Russia is our enemy, Russia is “interfeiring with our elections” and Russia did it – whatever it is – China is, not only stealing or being handed everything we have to offer, they are reintroducing Maoism at an ever increasing pace This reintroduction process includes worship of the state and not a Supernatural deity. Dictator for life Xi Jinping has been rolling out ever more draconian policies since the day he announced he would be dictator for life.

What we learned from South China Morning Post is, at least, one major city is now offering a bounty for Christians. Of course it is not called a bounty, as that’s not politically correct, but make no mistake about it, it will only be a matter of time before the words “dead or alive” proceed the next level of announcements. If you are a “religious tourist” and get turned in you will garner the highest reward – apparently offshore Christians are more of a threat than practicing Chinese Christians.

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