CRASH SIGNAL 101: Rush IPOs and False Valuations (Video)

CRASH SIGNAL 101: Rush IPOs and False Valuations Video by ITM Trading

I cannot give you many guarantees, but this one I can give, at some point, all assets and instruments go to their true fundamental values. That’s why it’s important to identify the true value. Is something overvalued, fairly valued or undervalued. You want to buy when the asset is undervalued.

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Since central banks targeted specific assets/instruments for reflation (stocks, bonds, real estate) and used their almost unlimited money printing machine to fund this reflation, there is no good price discovery in any markets. The rise of the Unicorn may be one of the unintended consequences. The fall of the unicorn might give rise to a black swan event that no one is even thinking about now.

I’m wondering if you have a game plan. We do, it’s called the strategy. We’re here if you want to know more.


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