CASHLESS Society Coming SOON! – The Federal Reserve Is DESPERATE! (Video)

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CASHLESS Society Coming SOON! – The Federal Reserve Is DESPERATE! Video World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent remarks by Trump and his top economics advisor Larry Kudlow that interest rates must be lowered and that Jerome Powell and the Fed have hurt the economy and the stock market’s potential.

Considering the Federal Reserve has pumped the stock market full of fake money and that the stock market is a giant bubble, we aren’t quite sure about that. Of course the President as well as Stephen Moore are not anti-Fed. They just want a DIFFERENT kind of central planning to happen. It’s really down to picking between two terrible things, but with that said, interest rates were hiked quite a bit in recent days due to the Fed desperately attempting to avoid the inevitable… Negative interest rates…

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In the past, the Fed has always dropped rates 5-10% in a downturn. Considering the inverted yield curve data which always signifies a recession, at the very best, interest rates will have to drop at this rate to about -2.5%. It’s an absolute joke.

All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero eventually as they always have. The issue here is what the Fed among other central banks of the world are attempting to do to avoid their own downfall.

With negative rates in Japan and Sweden, we see the growth of a centrally planned cashless society. China and India are the leaders in bringing technocratic technology to the next level. It’s so overwhelming it should concern everyone.

This was always the goal. You cannot have a bank run in a truly centrally planned cashless society. All of peoples’ money goes through the bank. People don’t own their money if it’s in the bank and the bank has no promise of giving your money back. They will essentially own you. Depositor insurance as it is, is incredibly low and people like Mario Draghi wants to eliminate the insurance all together.

So now all transactions will be able to be tracked, taxed, etc.

Another thing that plays into this is the likes of social credit scores like we see in places like China. This will not end well which is exactly why people need to decentralize and diversify. In our opinion, everything from gold and silver to decentralized cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure that’s outside of the government enforced legal tender law system. The competition of currencies is crucial. The ability to be outside of the fractional reserve system is also crucial. There are more solutions than problems.

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