50 Million Ounces Gold Equivalent and Artificial Intelligence – Massive Gold Mines Revealed

50 Million Ounces Gold Equivalent and Artificial Intelligence – Massive Gold Mines Revealed by Rory for The Daily Coin

The ancient art of mining is entering the 21st century. For thousands of years man used a pick, shovel and raw human strength to mine gold, silver, copper and whatever was needed, that lay underground, to create society. For the past two hundred years man has been assisted by machines in this task and now computers, more specifically artificial intelligence, are beginning to find their way into a world more known for blood, sweat and tears than wires, screens and keyboards.

I sat down with Ivan Bebek, Executive Chairman and Director, Auryn Resources, to learn about his success in discovering, profiting and selling two different mining projects and what he is working on today.

Currently, Mr. Bebek and his team are developing two new projects that are equally to, or greater than, the previous projects. What’s unusual is the fact these mines are gigantic. The first major success Ivan experienced was a couple of smaller 3-5 million ounce gold mines but he wanted to find something massive. He found a project that will yield approximately 50 million ounces gold equivalent over the life of the mine! In this day and time, with most of the “low hanging fruit” picked and mined already something of this nature is almost unheard of. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that Auryn Resources may actually repeat this same success in locating another gigantic mine.

Not only is this truly exciting for the gold community there is another layer to the story that kicks it up a notch – AI. Artificial intelligence is being introduced to the current project that Mr. Bebek is leading. The details of what it happening are beyond what my technical skills, however, what I do understand is the fact the machine learning is identifying a whole new set of drill locations that would have taken years to locate and are now readily available for exploration. This has the potential to change mining forever. Auryn is the first company to successfully work with AI (machine learning) to locate new areas of potential large scale deposits.

This is an incredible interview that not only covers what the current discoveries but details how AI is, literally, changing the landscape of mining.

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