The Biggest Gold Story Of The Year

The Biggest Gold Story Of The Year By Charles Kennedy for Oil Price

Europe’s 2nd biggest gold mine could be about to make early investors rich.

This story begins over 2,000 years ago when the Romans dug up $16.8 billion in gold in Romania… Using hammers and buckets.

And now a little company with big ambitions is coming back to the same site to unearth the rest.

Using modern technology, they’re hoping to exploit an estimated $13.3 billion find.

Smart investors are following this once in a lifetime discovery closely.

GMP research says this little company could realize $550 per ounce profit…

And their mine is so promising, Barrick Gold have invested $20 million to develop it.

The company’s stock, according to Cantor Fitzgerald, “is inexpensive by any and all metrics.”

That’s right. It’s a steal because few people — yet — have heard the story of Euro Sun Mining Inc. (TSE: ESM, OTCPK:CPNFF).

Based at their mine in Rovina, Romania, Euro Sun has 400 million tons of ore, with billions of dollars worth of gold and copper locked inside.

Cantor Fitz thinks they are undervalued by 500% and GMP Research predicts a 671% gain.

With such a huge find ready for the taking, this could be the gold story of 2019.

Plus, any small move on the gold market could accelerate the company’s rise… from 5x to 10x to even 30x its current market cap.

Here are five reasons investors should not miss out on the biggest gold story of 2019:

#1 Re-Discovered $13 Billion Romanian Treasure

Euro Sun has captured an asset of immense value: a Romanian gold mine that was first proven one hundred years ago.

The Ancient Romans excavated $16.8 billion in gold from this area of Romania, minting coins that were scattered across an empire 11 million square miles in size.

The problem? Acquiring permits can be labor-intensive and sometimes impossible, thanks to EU regulation.

Back when permits were available, Barrick Gold (NYSE:ABX), the world’s most valuable gold miner, got in on the action: the company pumped in $20 million to develop Rovina.

Now Rovina is owned by Euro Sun… and Euro Sun has done the impossible… it just got its hands on a mining permit.

The Rovina mine has been classified as a “highly scalable” asset, with an immense growth potential, according to Cantor Fitzgerald.

Mines like Rovina are hard to come by, even though the area is rich in ore.

And Euro Sun (TSE: ESM, OTCPK:CPNFF) has gotten around its toughest problem – acquiring the licenses it needs to start developing Rovina’s full potential.

The mining license from the Romanian government was approved in November 2018 – the first license to have been given out since 2003.

A resource statement from 2012 offers a view of the potential riches: 400 million tons of ore in three bodies, roughly 7.1 million ounces of gold and a billion and a half pounds of copper, or 10.1 million ounces of gold equivalent.

In February 2019, Euro Sun completed its Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) for Rovina. The mine looks ready to produce an average gold equivalent of 139,000 ounces and 1.6 million over twelve years.

All told, the company is looking at $9.3 billion in gold and $4 billion in copper… a total haul of $13.3 billion.

Better yet, the mine is perfectly situated near a Romanian mining town, with a population of 13,000. Road and rail transportation is close at hand, ready to carry the mine’s product to market.

Based on the company’s current market cap, the upside potential here is incredible.

Any small move in gold will soon bring this story to the front page.

#2 When Gold Moves a Little, Little Miners Move Hundreds of Percent

NOW is the time to buy gold.

Analysts are optimistic that prices should continue to climb, potentially exceeding $1400/ounce, due to declining gold stores.

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