Paul Craig Roberts: The Establishment Can’t Control Trump Or Sanders

Paul Craig Roberts: The Establishment Can’t Control Trump Or Sanders by SoT, The Daily Coin

TDC Note – I’m dragging this out of the archives for a couple of reasons, primarily to demonstrate how unbelievably awesome Dr Paul Craig Roberts is and what a Godsend he is to our community. He could have easily went to the dark side but, since he is a man of principal he exposes the satanic globalist for who and what they are. Second, the parallels between what happened to President Nixon in 1972 and what has happened to President Trump is certainly worth revisiting.

This was produced in March 2016 and the foreshadowing is unbelievable. This was the third step (Occupy, BREXIT 1,2 step respectively) of what we are witnessing right now around the world with the populist, retraditionalization and Christian resurgence.


The public has learned that the political Establishment represents the 1% and they have no chance with any Establishment candidate, either Republicans or Democrats…They’re supporting them less for their stance on issues and more on the fact that maybe there’s a chance that they [Trump/Sanders] would do something for the 99%.  – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth

Aside from the fact that Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for President rather than spend all of her time defending herself from criminal charges for treasonous political crimes, the most horrifying aspect of the 2016 Presidential Campaign is watching the Republican Establishment contemptuously disregard democracy and  spend millions in an attempt to defeat Trump, is the people’s choice to be the Republican Presidential candidate.

I don’t think the Establishment will allow Trump or Sanders if they can prevent it to win the Presidential election. We already have prominent Republicans stating that if Trump wins the nomination they’ll vote for Hillary.  – Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth

The wealthiest businessmen and corporations who fund politicians in order to control the political process are lining up like pigs at the trough to throw as much money as is needed to try and derail Trump’s candidacy. The same is true with Hillary Clinton, as her biggest donors are George Soros and the big Wall Street Banks. Paul Craig Roberts gained experience and insight on this subject as a member to the Reagan Administration. The Republican Establishment didn’t like Reagan because he was an outsider.

If Trump gets the nomination, the Republican Establishment is more threatened by him than they are by Hillary winning the election because an outsider disrupts their loss of control. – Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth.

The Shadow of Truth hosted Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for a discussion about the election, the rise of Putin and Russia’s military withdrawal from Syria and the economy/precious metals. Part One below starts off with Dr. Roberts’ assessment of the effort being made by the Establishment of both Parties to deny Trump and Sanders a chance to be their party’s Presidential candidate:

They don’t like Trump because he says he’ll work things out with Putin…Trump also says we’ve got to reinvestigate 9/11 – well this drives the neocons wild. You have to ask yourself, if the 9/11 story was true, why would the neocons care if it was reinvestigated? But they are so opposed to it that there has to be something wrong with the story.

All 3 Parts combined for Download/Listening

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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