Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/22/19 (Video)

Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/22/19 Video by Fox News

TDC Note – If Tucker Carlson is controlled opposition we need more of it. I don’t trust Fox News organization to be honest, but I do trust Tucker Carlson as I have followed his work since before he arrived at Fox. The work he has produced in 2019, at least once a week dropping a show that speaks truth directly to power, is some of the strongest broadcast news to hit the airwaves in some years. If you have been following his work on this website you know that I write a comments about Mr. Carlson and you know that I have been pointing out these very distinct programs.

It all began on January 2, 2019 and I turned to wife and told her, which I have now told her on a number of occasions, Tucker is going to find himself suicided or in a one car accident or some other horrific situation if he continues to report what he is reporting. Just this week, on Thursday nights show, he looked straight into the camera and began naming neocons who never met a war they didn’t want to expand and continue, like John Bolton and others. Tucker pointed out the fact they have lost thousands of lives, wasted trillions of dollars and want more and more with absolutely nothing gained and nothing to gain. If Tucker Carlson Tonight is some sort of elaborate hoax, “controlled opposition”, then there are people around the world who have fallen into the “trap”.

We will continue publishing Tucker Carlson Tonight until we see actual evidence that says Mr. Carlson is some sort of stooge for the deep state. I, like most of you, hate corporate media which includes Fox. I refuse, however, to throw out the baby with the bath water. We need good information, we need reliable information and we need people with a gigantic television platform that are willing to say the things Tucker Carlson is willing to say.

If someone can provide me with actual, verifiable evidence that proves this man is in fact a stooge for the deep state I will be more than happy to stop publishing his work; I will be more than happy to make a public apology for publishing misleading information. Until then, here’s the latest episode.


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