Surviving the Hard Times in Life

Surviving the Hard Times in Life by Charles Yor for The Survivalist Blog

If you are reading this article, and are on this site, you are probably more than awake to the fact that life can throw some pretty nasty curveballs your way. Sometimes it seems random, bad luck, and other times you’d swear that God had it in for you personally.

That’s why we are all here, and all do what we do to prepare: we want to be ready to meet those crises head on and prevail, or if we can’t do that at least minimize the damage or just get out of the damn way.

Natural and man-made disasters, civil unrest, disintegrating culture and outright collapse of empire are all serious existential threats that most of us are all too aware of.

But there are other kinds of disasters that life can throw at us, ones that are very personal but no less devastating. The kind of disasters that don’t burst forth with sound and fury but instead seem to lie in wait for the unwary like a tar pit; unforeseen and unforgiving.

I’m referring to things like job loss, a major health crisis and family schisms. The things in life that, sadly, many of us will go through at some point.

We all know people, friends or family, who have endured these things and come out the far side changed, and not changed for the better. In this article, I will be departing somewhat from my usual content to talk about how you might best prepare for these all too personal disasters.

People, and the Bad Things that Happen to Them

I could go on for hours writing just about all the bad and terrible things that can happen to people. Good people, bad people, the innocent, the guilty, none are truly immune from a twist of fate, and all the guises that it may take.

I am not making too broad an assertion when I say that we all know someone whose life was turned upside down by an event that would never, not in the most liberal definition, ever qualify as a real “disaster.” Funny that, cause the destruction and dysfunction left in the wake of such events may reap no less terrible a toll than one.

If you have yourself or someone you know lived through one of these events- unemployment, a financial meltdown, a health crisis, even homelessness- you can attest to the life-altering stresses brought to bear.

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