Gaining a Tactical Edge: New Russian Weapon Causes Disorientation, Nausea

Gaining a Tactical Edge: New Russian Weapon Causes Disorientation, Nausea from Russia-Insider

The Filin 5P-42, a new non-lethal light-based optical interference system designed for military and law enforcement use, is capable of effectively suppressing enemy optical systems including, sniper sights, laser rangefinders, guidance systems and thermal imagers in low light conditions.

Last week, footage of the Filin’s testing by the Russian Navy sparked a renewed explosion of interest in the system from Western media, with the press characterising it a Russian “weapon of mass disorientation” or a “vomit-inducing weapon” following reports from a week earlier that a Russian warship fitted with the mysterious system had passed through the English Channel while being shadowed by the Royal Navy.

The Filin (Russian for ‘Eagle-owl’) station is designed to suppress enemy optical systems in conditions of low light, at dusk, dawn, and during nighttime hours. The system flashes a powerful beam of light, temporarily impairing the enemy equipment operators’ vision, inducing nausea and causing a general sense of disorientation. The Filin has an estimated effective range of up to 5 km, and is designed for use by the navy, army and, potentially, law enforcement and national guard units.

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Speaking to Sputnik, a representative from Russia’s Roselectronics holding company revealed that engineers from the Integral Experimental Plant in St. Petersburg are actually developing new modifications of the Filin optical interference station and upgrading the range of the existing system.

“Integral Experimental Plant is creating new modifications in the field of visual-optical interference stations on the basis of existing technological solutions, such as the Filin. These feature improved weight and size characteristics and lower power consumption,” the representative said.

The Roselectronics official specified that that developers are already on the verge of completing a version of the existing Filin station with a varifocal lens, which would increase its power and range by 50 percent, and expand its impact angle from 10-15 to 30 degrees.

The official also boasted that Filin’s modular architecture allows the system to be converted for a broad range of uses depending on user requirements.

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