Indisputable Proof That Liberal Polices Are Destroying America, One City At A Time

Indisputable Proof That Liberal Polices Are Destroying America, One City At A Time

-They Are Reaping What They Have Sown

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

We have all heard statements from people disgusted and frustrated with politics and politicians declare “There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans,” or assert that “conservatives are just like liberals,” and while I understand the frustration behind the statements, they are demonstrably untrue.

Which group is fighting tooth and nail against late term abortion and which group is promoting it?


What party holds control over the states that are passing “heartbeat bills” to give protections to the vulnerable and helpless unborn, and which party holds control over states like New York, and Vermont that are stripping protections from the unborn, right up until birth and beyond?

Which party for the most part fights against more and more taxes and which party wants everything taxed (including drinking water!)

Which party fights for free speech and which party fights against it?

Who fought against redefining traditional marriage and which party pushed the policy to redefine it?

Which group pushed to allow transgenders into the bathrooms, dressings rooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex, and group fought against it?

Which party is full of gun grabbers and want gun control, and which party fights for our second amendment?

I could go on all day pointing out the very real differences, but I am sure you get the point.

While Republicans have their fair share of what we call RINOs (Republican In Name Only), and our politicians don’t always do everything we want, make deals that anger us to get something else out of the negotiating process, that does not in any way, make the two groups the same. There are some very urgent issues that Republicans do fight for, which are the exact opposite of what Democrats want for this country.

Never make the mistake of thinking the two are exactly alike, because each example above, shows a huge difference.


(Streets of San Francisco – Garbage, feces and needles)


Look to California, one of the most liberal states in the nation, with some of the highest taxes, is a great example of liberalism unchecked, where democrats have passed policies that fit their agenda, including sanctuaries cities for illegal immigrants, and is considered “unsustainable.”

San Francisco, CA. a “hub for major tech companies such as Uber and Twitter,” where the very liberal Representative Nancy Pelosi continues to get reelected, is “more contaminated with drug needles, garbage, and feces than some of the world’s poorest slums,” according to Business Insider.

Violent crime dominates the local news in cities controlled by democrats, like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, while Flint, Michigan is having a severe water crisis, and yes, they too have a democrat as Mayor and Governor.

Look to Portland, Oregon, where we routinely see members of the terror group Antifa taking control of the streets, while law enforcement is forced to stand down and just watch. Yes, both the mayor of Portland, and Governor of Oregon are both democrats.

Language warning for the video below of Antifa taking over the streets of Oregon.

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