Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre of Christians

Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre of Christians by Dr Thomas D Williams, Ph. D. for Breitbart

TDC Note – Don’t you find it interesting this unfolding nightmare in Nigeria has garnered ZERO corporate media coverage while it is wall-to-tall New Zealand “white supremacist” massacre of muslims? Oh, and for the icing on the cake, the number of Christian victims each of the last three weeks has been just about the same number as the one incident in New Zealand. Not saying that one is more important than the other, but corporate media is sure saying that.  Let that marinate for a minute. But, but, but… there is no war on Christianity, we just lie by omission.


Political leaders and public figures were falling over themselves this weekend to condemn the mosque attacks in New Zealand, while dozens of Christians were slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria to the sound of crickets.

The mosque attacks were indeed a horrific affair and worthy of universal condemnation. Presidents, prime ministers, royalty, and religious leaders rushed to extend their condolences to victims and their families — as well they should — while decrying the hate that purportedly motivated the shootings.

Without exception, the mainstream media gave top billing to the shootings, with newspapers carrying the story on their front pages and television news channels leading off their broadcasts with the story.

Christians massacred Nigeria

The bizarre aspect of the coverage was not, in fact, the attention paid to a heinous crime committed in New Zealand, but the absolute silence surrounding the simultaneous massacre of scores of Christians by Muslim militants in Africa.

As Breitbart News alone reported among major news outlets, Fulani jihadists racked up a death toll of over 120 Christians over the past three weeks in central Nigeria, employing machetes and gunfire to slaughter men, women, and children, burning down over 140 houses, destroying property, and spreading terror.

The New York Times did not place this story on the front page; in fact, they did not cover it at all. Apparently, when assessing “all the news that’s fit to print,” the massacre of African Christians did not measure up. The same can be said for the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press, the LA Times, and every other major paper in the United States.

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