An Armed Citizenry Is A Free Citizenry, Which Is Why Liberals Want You Disarmed

An Armed Citizenry Is A Free Citizenry, Which Is Why Liberals Want You Disarmed by Kurt Schlichter via The Burning Platform

Kentucky recently became the 16th state to amend its laws to get rid of onerous restrictions on healthy, law-abiding adults bearing arms, conforming its concealed weapons statutes to the Constitution and irritating liberals who prefer that we citizens remain helpless sheep. Some of us channel the Founders and believe it is every eligible citizen’s duty to own the kind of guns liberals label “assault weapons” in order to be able to personally protect themselves, their families, their communities and their Constitution; others just want the option of carrying a .38 at a house of worship or elsewhere in public where evil might manifest. But liberals oppose this natural right. Why? Well, there are only two kinds of people who object to Normal Americans being able to protect their lives and freedom, felons and aspiring tyrants, and it just so happens both of them are key constituencies of the Democrat Party.

The trend in most states is to “shall issue” concealed weapons permits, with a third of the states tossing out even those useless obstacles to free citizens exercising their personal choice when it comes to packing heat. In 2019, Second Amendment is evolving right, with society increasingly recognizing that this essential freedom should not be arbitrarily restricted. Liberals should be all aboard. Remember how liberals keep telling us that our conception of rights is supposed to take changes in society into account? We always hear how the Constitution must evolve when it’s a fake right that Democrats like, as opposed to one that’s actually written in the Bill of Rights. Well, the overwhelming trend lately is for legislatures and governors across the country to democratically enact gun freedom measures, so we need to ask our liberal friends, “Where’s your ‘living Constitution’ now?”

For some reason, gun-grabbing liberals seem to think that the existence of people who want to shoot random civilians should make us want to be lessable to defend ourselves. Uh, no. The horrifying New Zealand terrorist attack would usually have drawn universal attacks by liberals on law-abiding Americans and their rights. On the upside, the dishonest and disgraceful slander of fellow Americans that usually accompanies these events was comparatively muted, perhaps because this loser (who should die anonymously, his videos unviewed, his manifesto unread, and his name unspoken) was so transparently attempting to provide everyone with fodder to hate their political opponents.

To rile liberals, he mixed in references to Trump and Candace Owens; to outrage us Normals, he embraced leftism and environmental wackoism. It was a scam to set us at each other’s throats. The proper response to this creep’s crude manipulation is to not pretend that he was motivated by anything other than resentment over his own manifest inadequacies and failures. To hang this idiot’s acts on one’s political opponents for cheesy short-term rhetorical advantage is to play his game; instead, we should come together in the hope that the Kiwis hang that idiot.

But, of course, some leading liberal lights and their gimps could not resist. Fredocon Max Boot blamed Trump for the killing of many Muslims, which is weird because supporting every war in the last two decades that killed Muslims is Max’s jam. Shannon Watts, the Annette Benning of American Beauty of American liberal fascism, gave Mike Bloomberg his money’s worth on Twitter. AOC could not resist *checks notes, shakes head*  attacking people for praying for those massacred while praying. Boy, the bloom is sure coming off the rose of that celebutwerp. It’s convenient that she has such a big mouth because she’s always sticking her foot in it. Oh, and Dick Blumenthal (D-Da Nang) had to pipe up too, blaming Trump, but we need to be compassionate and take into account how he suffers from PTSD from not going to Vietnam.

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