Keiser Report: Will Trust-busting Make a Comeback? (Video)

Keiser Report: Will Trust-busting Make a Comeback? Video for RT

TDC Note – Why has this issue not been, along with securing the southern border, a center piece for President Trump? These giant tech companies with more power than all governments around the world now rule the world and no one has done anything.

Remember “Lock her up” turned into “hillary’s had a hard time, leave her be”? Remember that? What about Pelosi, after two years of saying “impeach Trump” now says, “not a good idea”?!?!?!?! But I’m suppose to somehow believe these people aren’t on the same team?! Really? I give Trump a lot of props and believe he has attempted to do some things that were for the people. The core items, however, not working out for the people. Troops spread out, killing, maiming all over the world, economy is one giant lie, corporations stealing everything, including what’s nailed down, spy / surveillance complex is worse than ever, free speech is on the ropes and fading fast, not to mention the “tax cut” is not what we were sold. What else am I suppose to say. The whole “at least hillary’s not the President” doesn’t work any longer. That was fine the first year, however, we are looking squarely at re-election and that BS is out the window.


In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss Elizabeth Warren introducing anti-trust to the presidential policy debate conversation for the first time since Teddy Roosevelt. Since the 1980s and the Chicago school, US politicians and regulators have only looked at whether or not corporate monopolization and/or concentration increase prices. If prices remain low, then regulators have turned a blind eye to monopoly power. Max and Stacy then look at the decline in small business formation in the age of corporate concentration as incumbent monopolies keep out the competition through such things as lobbying for regulatory barriers to entry. Now that Warren has introduced the topic to the debate, can Amazon, Google, and Facebook escape greater scrutiny regardless of whether or not she is nominated?

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