Dr Paul Craig Roberts: China Warns US To Avoid Interfering in Venezuela (Podcast)

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Dr Paul Craig Roberts: China Warns US To Avoid Interfering in Venezuela Podcast for Sputnik News

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi issued a stern warning against interefering in Venezuela’s internal affairs and imposing more sanctions. Speaking in Beijing, Wang Yi said that external interference and sanctions will only exacerbate the tension situation and allow the law of the jungle to once again run amok. He added that there’s already enough of such lessons from history and the same old disastrous road should not be followed. According to China’s top diplomat, Venezuelan opposition and government should seek a political solution via peaceful dialogue.

This comes after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the electric energy war, declared by the United States, will not succeed. Earlier the same day, local media reported that a blackout hit 21 out of 23 states of Venezuela, affecting millions of Venezuelans in what the national electricity supplier desribed as “sabotage” at the major hydroelectric power plant.

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido said the incident was a matter of ‘chaos, concern and anger’ and – quote – evidence of the usurper’s inefficiency, adding that light would return once Maduro is removed from power.

His statements were echoed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who tweeted that power shortages and starvation are the result of Maduro regime incompetence. He tweeted – quote – No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.

Meanwhile, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said in a statement on Wednesday that Washington is – quote – putting foreign financial institutions on notice that they will face sanctions for being involved in facilitating illegitimate transactions that benefit Nicolas Maduro and his corrupt network.

Radio Sputnik talked about the latest developments in Venezuela with Paul Craig Roberts, a prominent American economist, author and former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Ronald Reagan.

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