Absolute Proof Hollywood Is Manipulating You, Kids Getting Cancer From Cell Phone Towers (Video)

Absolute Proof Hollywood Is Manipulating You, Kids Getting Cancer From Cell Phone Towers Video – Full Spectrum Survival

Parents are blaming the close proximity of a cellular tower to a children’s school where children spend up to 10 hours per day with after-school care programs after a 4th child became ill with a severe form of cancer that parents are blaming on the close proximity of a cell phone tower to the children’s school.

“Kids should not be guinea pigs and we should not be taking chances with the children’s lives,” warns one parent who is moving against the government for allowing this type of radiation to affect their child’s life. This must be stopped, warns another.

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We reached out to researchers who have brought together university studies detailing the safety and dangers presented by cell tower radiation. This was one of their replies: “It is extremely difficult to prove causation with this type of case. Government bodies will look for overwhelming change and unfortunately, 4 children just isn’t enough change to represent cause. However the larger picture of not being seen in regard to proximity. We know that radiation of all kinds affects DNA. And we know that cancer is often an individuals reaction to DNA change. It is not a global variable. Take a smoker for instance, one person can smoke for 75 years and never have a health issue, even though they are taking in cancer causing toxins and harming their lungs in the process. Another person can be the child of a smoker and merely the second hand smoke can affect their capacity and present itself through disease. It is the same way with radiation. Not every person will present in the same manner. There may be thyroid damage at this particular school environment that doesn’t get diagnosed for years. But I can say that everything affects the human body. If a person stands in the sun all day, every day, that radiation will affect their body negatively.”

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