The End: Humanity Will Have 4 Years Left To Live, India Goes Nuclear In New US Deal (Video)

The End: Humanity Will Have 4 Years Left To Live, India Goes Nuclear In New US Deal Video – Full Spectrum Survival

Corporations around the world proclaim loudly that their deadly chemicals meant to control insects on super farms that grow a majority of the food around the first world including a majority of the genetically modified food crops that are used in most store bought big brand goods including Kraft and Kellogg even though the single designation of these chemicals is to kill or inhibit the life cycle of insects as scientists that are paid for by these conglomerates say over and over again that they are perfectly fine for human consumption after months of inundation and absolutely no harm to non targeted insect species.

For years now, science fact and university level understandings of just how dangerous these chemicals are for humans and other species has been boiling to the top as citizens reach the end of their acceptance of wealth corruption around our planet.

Now, together with mounting evidence that has supported this topic for years, researchers with the University of Illinois have shown that bees, a species vital to the continuity of human life on earth through crop pollination, are exposed to pesticides in far more ways than citizens have been led to believe, and they warn that his exposure is likely impacting the species significantly.

Albert Einstein is credited with the following statement on the importance and necessity of bees as a species. Quote ““If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” While the text has been questioned over the years, it’s root basis is in fact according to researchers like Michael P. an ecologist with the Center for Ecology and Hydrology who warns that if all pollinating insects like bees died off, human kind would see mass starvation in years, a darkening outlook as the world faces colony collapse disorder on a global scale all the while mega corporations continue to us chemicals on the crops of the world that are causing these issues.

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