Nellie Ohr Testimony Confirms Her Work for the CIA

Nellie Ohr Testimony Confirms Her Work for the CIA BY JEFF CARLSON for The Epoch Times

Prior to investigating the Trump campaign for Fusion GPS, Nellie Ohr worked as a contractor for the CIA for up to six years

Nellie Ohr, the wife of former high-ranking Justice Department (DOJ) official Bruce Ohr—both of whom played pivotal roles in the FBI’s investigation into the Trump 2016 presidential campaign—worked for the CIA as an independent contractor for as long as six years.

Ohr was hired as a researcher by Fusion GPS—the company hired by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to produce the now-infamous Steele dossier—in 2015.

She conducted open-source research into members of the Trump campaign for Fusion GPS—which describes itself as a commercial research and strategic intelligence firm—that may have been used in the Steele dossier. She also provided her husband with a USB stick containing all her research from her time at Fusion GPS to pass on to the FBI in late 2016 after she had officially left the firm.

Prior to her work for Fusion GPS, Ohr worked for an internal open source division of the CIA named Open Source Works from 2008 to at least June 2010. It appears likely that she remained in that role until 2014.

Notably, Open Source Works is a separate entity from the more commonly known governmental open-source division, Open Source Enterprises, formally known as Open Source Center.

Nellie’s Work for Open Source Works

According to a transcript of an Oct. 19, 2018, closed-door testimony, which was reviewed by The Epoch Times, Ohr acknowledged to congressional investigators that she worked as an independent contractor for “various agencies in the United States Government.”

Ohr testified that she worked for the CIA’s Open Source Works (OSW) division. She also revealed that prior to her work for the CIA, she worked for Mitre, which is funded by the U.S. government and interacts with various intelligence agencies.

Ms. Ohr: Starting in 2000, I did some part-time contracting for Mitre, which is a contract —

Rep. Jordan: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.

Ms. Ohr: Mitre. Mitre Corporation, which in turn had contracts with U.S. Government clients.

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