Here’s Why Bikes Are Great Bug Out Vehicles

Here’s Why Bikes Are Great Bug Out Vehicles by Megan Stewart for The Survivalist Blog

Obviously if you have to travel any kind of distance in a bug out situation, a car or truck would be the ideal bug out vehicle. But realistically there may come a time when taking a vehicle to bug out just isn’t feasible or doesn’t work out. In those circumstances, here’s why bikes are great bug out vehicles.

Flexible Routing

Let’s face it, one of the biggest obstacles to a successful bug out is your ability to get from point A to point B. Streets could be congested with traffic or even blocked by debris which can make getting through roads with a car virtually impossible.

The width and size of a car or truck means you are limited as to the routes you can take. With a bike, you can dodge in and out of congested traffic, go around fallen debris, detour down sidewalks and narrow alleyways, take bike paths, or even go off road through the woods if necessary.

Bikes are Quiet

Unless you choose to use a bike with an electric motor, a bike is much quieter than a car. You’ll get where you need to go without announcing to others where you are.

This can be important in a bug out situation where others are desperate for supplies as it can reduce the number of confrontations you’ll have to have along your route.

Faster than walking

One of the reasons bikes are great bug out vehicles is that they are faster than walking. The longer it takes you to travel to your bug out location, the more supplies you have to carry and the more likely it is that you will run out of something you need along the way.

Bugging out on foot will take you up to 5 times as long than if you were traveling by car, but on a bike you can lessen the time it takes you to get from point A to point B and boost your chance of survival.

Carrying Capacity

Another reason why bikes are great bug out vehicles is their carrying capacity. Bugging out on foot means you have to carry the weight of all your supplies on your back.

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