Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/12/19 (Video)

Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/12/19 Video – Fox News

TDC Note – Tucker follows up the Monday show with more facts, another view and speaks truth directly to the criminal class about their attacks against him. Free speech is under attack. Free speech has been under attack the difference is today it is in your face and some of the high profile people, like Tucker Carlson, are now dealing with what we, The Daily Coin, have been dealing with for close to 3 years. Endless attacks, endless demonetization and a stripping of our God given right to challenge authority, question authority and think for ourselves.

The opening is truly awesome and Dave Rubin, WOW! strong segment.

This is why I love this show and do not care if people say he is a paid shill or cointel. If he is, we need more of it.

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