The Left’s ‘Identity Politics’ Are Blowing Up In Their Faces!

The Left’s ‘Identity Politics’ Are Blowing Up In Their Faces! By John C. Velisek – US Navy, Retired – All News Pipeline

More Proof The ‘Progressive Socialist Mob’ Hates America And Wants Nothing More Than To Destroy Our Nation And Way Of Life

Last week a vote was taken on a resolution in the House of Representatives. The resolution was to condemn Ilhan Omar for the anti-Semitic tropes she has used since coming to Congress. An avid Muslim and Anti Semite, Omar has forced the government to changerules that have been in force since time immemorial. The anti-Semitism condemnation never passed but a diluted resolution against hate was passed.

The new resolution that passed is one claiming the “hate groups” against virtually every identity group that the Democrats need to win an election. It was passed in an attempt to endear the leftists to homosexuals, blacks, Muslims, and illegal immigrants. However, there a few ‘marginal groups‘ that were not mentioned and will continue to be ignored by the progressive socialists.

Christians and white males.

Hey, progressive socialists, care to explain to me why this isn’t the leftist form of racism? The socialist leaders of the Women’s March were the first to declare Omar’s remarks that were condemned by both Republicans and Democrats are fueled by racism. They feel it is okay to slander an entire group of people and not suffer any repercussions. Of course, the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) went out of its way to also shout loudly about how Ilhan Omar was a “victim.” Even the Democrats and many Republicans genuflect to the Islamic loudmouths who want nothing more than to transform our country. In Maine, in Minnesota and where there is a large group of Islamic refugees let in by our last Muslim in Chief, they demand that we change our culture for them and have stated they refuse to assimilate.


This racism of white males and Christians is not covered by the political correctness allowed on the left. Why would that be? They know that by slow-walking securing our borders and immigration policies they will gain more than enough voters that they no longer need the white vote. And if they can get enough immigrants on welfare and government dependence, they won’t need blacks either. That is the reason why the left is now making noises to allow illegal immigrants the right to vote against Constitutional law. It is why blue states are attempting to devalue the electoral college. It is also the reason why they want to give 16-year-olds the right to vote, feeling they have been sufficiently convinced to vote.

Racism and anti-Semitism only matter when the progressive socialists say so. It should not come as a surprise. They already have the shock troops like Antifa and Black Lives Matter in position to play the brown shirts that may soon become necessary.

Race Hoaxes from the Duke Rape case to Jussie Smollet do nothing but inflame the division and anger that Obama propagated. It is impossible for anyone to convince me that race relations did not disintegrate under Obama. His hatred of America and whites, coupled with his arrogance and Muslim Brotherhood friends both in and out of government destroyed the many years of progress that the country had made in race relations.

Is not the comparison made by the leftists including the media and low information celebrities comparing Bush in the past and President Trump to Hitler now to be considered racism? If it is all about racism, then some questions need to be answered. Kamala Harris is a candidate for President who has pontificated on the need for reparations but has kept silent about the slaves owned by members of her own family. If she claims to be black and not the Carribean, will she have to pay herself?

What of the other people who owned slaves, what of the blacks who owned slaves? According to William Reitwiesner, a genealogical researcher has shown that Obamas great- great- great- great -great grandfather George Washington Overall owned two slaves in Kentucky: a 15-year-old girl and a 25 years old man. His grandmother of the same timeframe owned slaves as well that were listed in an 1850 census. How can we stop slavery when today slaves are still being sold in the Middle East and elsewhere for about $90. Muhammad started the slave trade and to this day it is still justified by the Quran. Why are there no protests from the progressive socialists or Muslim indoctrinated feminists about that fact? Why are Islamic statues not being torn down, Islamic teachings not banned from our schools, or demands not being made by our students who claim they are “woke” to slavery and racism.


Why is the Planned Parenthood organization dismissed as being ‘racist‘? Are the Democrats unaware that Margaret Sanger who formed Planned Parenthood was a racist, a eugenics leader, and stated she wanted to “clear the weeds” of the Negro population? Is this why almost all Planned Parenthood offices are built in proximity to low-income black neighborhoods? Planned Parenthood aborts three times as many black babies as white, and Hispanic babies are aborted at one and a half time of white babies. And yet, knowing this the progressive socialists cry loudly about how President Trump want our country to be more white and is a racist. How have these two facts made compatible?

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