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Home Remedies For Muscle Strain & Pain by Ken Jorgustin for Modern Survival Blog

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Sore muscles or muscle strain. I think we have all experienced that at some point in time, if not today, right now!

For mild to moderate muscle pain, home remedies are worth trying.

Mild muscle strain will cause some pain and stiffness, but should go away in a few days.

Moderate muscle strain is when your muscle actually gets small tears. It will cause more pain and some swelling. This may last a few weeks.

Severe muscle strain: If you have SEVERE, intense muscle pain, swelling and bruising around the muscle: This could mean that you have a ruptured muscle and you should seek professional help.


Let’s review what the Mayo Clinic says about home treatment for muscle strain and sprains. The Mayo Clinic likes to call the home treatment of muscle strains, ‘R.I.C.E’.


Rest the area to promote healing in your muscle. Make sure that you also stay hydrated. Good hydration helps your body in so many ways and will help your muscles to heal. Remember that the earlier you start treatment the sooner your recovery will happen.


Ice the area with an ice pack at first for about 20 minutes. Then remove the ice pack. After about an hour or so, apply the ice pack again for another 20 minutes.


Compress the area if you have swelling with an ACE bandage until the swelling stops. Don’t wrap too tight as this may cause more swelling or cut off circulation to the area.


Elevate your injured area, especially when you sleep at night. Gravity will help reduce your swelling if you have any.

Just remember R.I.C.E. – Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.

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