Cold Steel Cheap Shot 130 Crossbow

Cold Steel Cheap Shot 130 Crossbow by Pat Cascio for Survival Blog

We often only think about firearms when we discuss hard-core survival. And of course, we need a good knife for various chores. But archery is often overlooked. Today, we’re taking a close look at Cold Steel‘s Cheap Shot 130 crossbow. I quickly found that it is a joy to use.

When I was 11 or 12 years old, a friend and I used to hunt jack rabbits in a field – a big field – down the block from where my mother and step-father lived. I didn’t live with them, but would spend some weekends at their house. The field itself was outside the city limits of Chicago, Illinois. Believe it or not, my friend and I got a lot of rabbits with our bows. That is the extent of my use of a bow and arrow. I had no experience with a crossbow, until long-time friend, Lynn Thompson, who owns Cold Steel, sent me his newest product to test.


Look, I don’t like to open a box, only to find out that the product inside of it, needs to be assembled, and more often than not, the instructions are not clearly written. So, I pass this chore along to my oldest daughter, and she has the patience to follow the instructions and assemble whatever it is that I need to have assembled. When I gave her the Cheap Shot 130 crossbow box, I got “that” look from her, however, inside of 5-minutes, she handed me the completely assembled crossbow. Wait? What? Huh? Can’t be!!! Sure enough, she assembled the Cheap Shot 130 and even read the instructions on how to use and it, and explained it all to me. Everyone knows that their dad isn’t the brightest tool in the shed, right?

A close examination of the Cheap Shot revealed that this thing was really, and I mean, REALLY well-made. The only change I’ll make to it is to replace the red dot sight, with a much better one. However, the red dot sight that comes with the bow, makes it ready to go.


Let’s check out some of the things about the Cheap Shot that I’m sure you’ll like to know. First off, it has a draw weight of 130 pounds.  Wow! That’s a lot of energy sending a bolt down range, and I was thinking, this hummer is going to be hard to cock – not even close, it has a cocking handle, that makes cocking it a piece of cake, and it is FAST, too! The draw weight sends bolts down range at 226-feet per second, and is capable of 3-inch groups at 30-yards.

You get six bolts with target tips on them, as part of the package, and additional bolts are available from Cold Steel, as well as various hunting tips. Lynn told me that he took several deer and other big game with his Cheap Shot sample. Many folks don’t know that Thompson is a big game hunter. He hunts all over the world – and he uses he knives, spears, handguns and other weapons, like this crossbow. He is a world class hunter.

You also get sling was, a single point shoulder sling, an M4-style stock with buffer tube, single position red dot sight, fore grip, secondary detachable fore grip, two lens cleaning wipes and an Allen wrench for quick assembly/disassembly.


I set up a cardboard box, with a lot of pieces of cardboard inside of it, to capture the bolts. Well, needless to say, the first bolt went right through the box, luckily, I was able to recover it – I had a good back stop – my pump house. So, I added more sheets of card board to the box. Second shot, was very close to the orange bulls eye on the box – I was shooting at 20-yards. Third bolt was a bit low…after that I made some adjustments to the red dot sight and really started having fun with the Cheap Shot 130.

My youngest daughter, who is 30-yrs old, spends way too much time watching some of the super heroes on television, mostly the Marvel comics super heroes and one of her favorites is The Arrow – she got herself a long bow, target and some arrows and has been practicing now for some time. I still remember her first few shots in our front yard – she completely missed the target – so let’s hope her skills have improved. I’m sure she’d love this Cheap Shot crossbow, though – easy to aim, easy to shoot and very easy to reload.

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