Blissfully Oblivious In A Land of Turmoil: WAKE UP

Blissfully Oblivious In A Land of Turmoil: WAKE UP by Corey Lynn for Corey’s Digs

Those that choose to be blissfully oblivious to the turmoil transpiring in the United States of America, are endangering the lives of future generations, beginning with this one. While most of the country sits by, ambiguously observing this shit-show from the nosebleed section, critical events are moving forward at rapid pace. Some of the most common explanations are, “I just don’t have the time,” or “I would rather not know,” or “I know I should pay attention, but it’s so dark.” Well that’s all fine and dandy, until one day, you wake up and realize everything has changed, all new laws are in place, and your freedom has slipped through the cracks like a buttery biscuit.

Knock Knock

Don’t expect a knock at the door, making you aware of all the “new changes,” but you may get a knock at the door confiscating your guns, fining a family member up to $1 million for sharing his opinion, or forcing your child to be vaccinated despite your beliefs or concerns. Perhaps your local church has hired a convicted and registered child sex offender to preach, while your children are shuffled off to another building so the pastor can honor his probationary period of no contact with minors. Would you stand for this? The people of Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL sure did.

Do you think this is just about red versus blue, or manufactured drama for optics? Think again. This is about corruption at the highest levels, that is forever changing the landscape of the United States of America. From the mainstream news seducing people into believing their narratives, to churches across this country covering for their ongoing pedophile sex traffickers for decades, to political scandals that have been rocking this nation since the beginning of time, to legislatures and lobbyists being locked up for manipulating our taxpayer dollars right into their pockets – plain and simple, this is war, and it is happening worldwide. There is a reason it is happening simultaneously across the globe.

And as you ponder all of this, Democrats are in the process of trying to pass their H.R. 1 “For The People Act”,which includes taxpayer dollars going into the pockets of elected officials so they can use it for their next reelection campaign. Yes, you heard that correctly. These already corrupt officials, now want to “openly” take your money so they can remain in power. Not only are they cloaking this under the guise of “For The People,” but they want to take your hard-earned money to get themselves reelected whether you are for that candidate or not. Chew on that.

The World Has Spoken

What seems transparently obvious to some, entirely escapes all logic to others. You likely won’t get the true facts, but go ahead and pull up a country of your choice in the mainstream news, and take a peek at what’s going on. What do you see? That’s right – an uprising happening on a global scale. People fighting for their freedom, justice, and corrupt government officials to be removed and locked up. It’s as though a seed was planted, a ripple effect occurred, and a chain reaction inspired people of all races and cultures to take a stand and fight for their country – to create a better future for their children. Many of these people fighting for justice, have come together to fight this battle and share information to assist in waking others up, before it’s too late. The day has come – it was inevitable.

Some refer to these corrupt factions as the cabal, deep state, illuminati, or elite. Labels are not important here. What is significant, is that people are beginning to wake up and have a deeper understanding as to the wool that’s been pulled over their eyes for decades. And the fact of the matter is, this information being shared by citizen journalists, needs to travel at the speed of light to shift the balance, so that the power of the people rises above that of the corrupt. This is necessary for survival, for future generations, and for a global awakening that will indeed shine a light so vast, that the dark will cower in their shadows. The numbers are with us – are you?­

Eyes Wide Open

None of this is opinion, nor is it hearsay. Open your eyes and seek truth. This is both a spiritual and physical battle that is having and will continue to have an effect on every area of your life. From indoctrination of children through the education system to 1st amendment rights and 2nd amendment rights – it’s all slipping through under your nose faster than you can say, “what just happened?” Full-term babies are being aborted, and all Democratic presidential candidates just voted against medical care for babies born alive after a failed abortion procedure. Whether you’re pro-choice or not, this is infanticide.

The corruption doesn’t just lie with public officials, it courses through companies, lobbyists, ivy league schools, big pharma, health related establishments and the CDC, churches, the foster care system, the World Bank and numerous other banks. It is a plague by the greedy, the sinister, and even the blackmailed. It monopolizes all top-tier systems and impacts all citizens. From the FBI to the CIA, the DOJ to the IRS, damn near every 3-letter agency has been infiltrated and run corruptly from the top. What we are witnessing today, is a clean-up of the swamp, and they are fighting back hard.

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