The New Paradigm is Emerging, But the War Party is Frantic To Stop It


The New Paradigm is Emerging, But the War Party is Frantic To Stop It from LaRouche PAC

The mass strike momentum against the bankrupt economies and cultural decay in the Western world is picking up steam daily. The Italian government announced yesterday that they will sign an MOU to join the Belt and Road Initiative with China when President Xi Jinping visits Italy on March 22-23. This wonderful news of international cooperation in major infrastructure projects, as well as joint projects in Africa, was greeted with absolute horror by the Financial Times, the voice of the City of London, and by Garrett Marquis, a member of the US National Security Council under John Bolton. The FT rants that China is building a “Trojan Horse” in Eastern and Central Europe to divide and undermine the EU, ordering Italy to cease and desist. The FT quotes Marquis that he and his neocon associates believe the BRI to be “made in China, for China,” and that it will not bring any “sustained economic benefit to the Italian people, and it may end up harming Italy’s global reputation in the long run.”

While President Trump continues to insist that the U.S. should be friends with Russia and China, praising China as a great nation and Xi Jinping as a great leader, his Secretary of State Pompeo is ranting today in Iowa that China’s “state-led set of economic practices… threaten the health of the American agriculture industry,” adding that “there are better alternatives than doing some of these deals with China.” Is there any clearer sign that Trump is surrounded by people who want to sabotage his peaceful intentions, who would rather go to war?

Are China and Russia undermining “western values” and threatening the world through their “aggression,” as both the Republican neocons and the Democrat neoliberals insist, and as repeated ad nauseam in the US and European press? China has lifted 700 million people out of poverty using methods of “directed credit” which once were properly called the “American System of Political Economy,” discovered by Alexander Hamilton, and championed by Abe Lincoln, FDR, and Lyndon LaRouche. Together with Russia, China is taking that concept of infrastructure-based development, through the Belt and Road Initiative, to the former colonized nations of Africa, Asia and Ibero-America, which have been kept in a state of poverty and backwardness by the neo-colonial system centered on the IMF.

We in the United States lost that American System following the death of Roosevelt and the assassination of John F. Kennedy, as the British model of “free market” control over government by the international banking system in London and Wall Street, and neo-colonial wars in Asia and the Middle East, turned our nation into the “dumb giant on the British leash.” Now, as admitted by many of the leaders of that failed system, the entire “global casino” is set to explode, far worse that the collapse of 2008.

The LaRouche movement today faces a historic responsibility. Helga Zepp-LaRouche spoke with the US members of that movement yesterday, warning that the the American people must be brought to understand that the “unipolar world” no longer exists, and that those clinging to this dead model can only bring about a war — a nuclear war which no one can win. “The world can not survive,” she said, “if the unipolar world is being defended. President Trump doesn’t want it, but as long as the hysteria against China and Russia continues, he is not in full control.”

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