Tucker Carlson 3/8/19 (Video)

Tucker Carlson 3/8/19 Video – Fox News by Rory for The Daily Coin

It’s amazing how the democratic run, sanctuary city of Los Angeles now has a medieval disease, transmitted by rats, is now becoming a serious problem and spreading throughout the city. Of course, it’s not because American citizens have been marginalized and thrown out with the garbage in order to replace them with completely dependent, non-english speaking non-citizens who will be allowed to illegally vote for more handouts. No, that has nothing to do with anything, just ask any of the liberal lunatic democrats in office – liberal lunatic policies work.

Meanwhile American citizens are, literally, dying in the streets from drug overdoses and the people in charge could care less. Welcome to the new normal. Welcome to a world run by power hungry crazies who want to do this to the entire nation. So far, they are doing a marvelous job with their new crop of puppets, Cortez, Ilhan, Tlaib and Aryanna. These four crazies have taken over the democratic party. If you don’t believe me just ask corrupt-to-the-core Nancy Pelosi…oh, that’s right, Cortez all but told her to sit down and shut up and Pelosi did not fight back.

These crazies are going to change the landscape of this nation unless we stand up and take our nation back. These four women, all of which were selected and put in their position, are making a lot of noise. When a new piece of technology or a person goes from obscurity to national prominence we should all step back ask how did this happen. We should all follow the money and see who benefits from these crazies going from being completely unknown, completely unheard of and on-a-dime they move all the way to being in your face 24/7/365 – why? Who are they and who benefits? Check out this video to get an idea of how this happened, at least with crazy-eyes Cortez. My guess is, within the next month or so there will be more of these investigations – click here now – completed and we will get a full picture of these radicals that are now in our infiltrating our nation. The enemy is inside the gate.

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