What An Actual “Green New Deal” To Reduce Emissions Would Look Like

What An Actual “Green New Deal” To Reduce Emissions Would Look Like by Free Market Shooter via The Burning Platform

In spite of my best efforts to avoid doing so, I’m taking the AOC bait

…because it fits neatly with a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time.  In one of the first articles I wrote, addressing the regressive and useless nature of carbon taxes, I made a very short hypothetical policy list that would meaningfully reduce CO2 emissions, with the following caveat:

For the record, I’m not in favor of or an advocate of mandating any of the measures listed above, I am merely trying to illustrate what would be necessary to actually reduce global CO2 output. I also do not believe in the hoax perpetuated by the mainstream media that CO2 emissions are detrimental to the environment and a survival threat to mankind.

I’m all but certain climate change fearmongering is just part of a big globalist taxation scheme to control energy pricing and consumption.  Contrary to the popular (groupthink) belief that “muh CO2 emissions will fry the planet”, the earth is far more likely to cool and enter a “glacial period” than warm significantly.

But let’s (again) play devil’s advocate, and say I’m wrong, and the climate alarmists are right.  The “green new deal” does almost nothing to control the carbon cycle, and even Greenpeace’s Patrick Moore has taken AOC to task on her plan’s fallacy:

So for argument’s sake, I’ll be drawing up FMShooter’s “globally ambitious, on-scale proposal” to address CO2 emissions… “from the cheap seats” of course.  To do so, we will first examine the sources of CO2 emissions…

…and list meaningful ways to reduce CO2 emissions and control the carbon cycle.  If this is indeed a global problem that will kill us all, nothing is off limits, right?  So with that said, we’ll start the list with perhaps the toughest line-item to implement:

Ban deforestation and destruction of any major living plant formation, and subsidize expansion of plant lifeforms.  Considering a great deal of the world generates heat/energy from wood and biomass burning – and trees are basically everywhere – this would be all but impossible to enforce.  But it would have the compounding effect of taking a lot of construction and industrial CO2 emissions down with it, considering a great deal of buildings and consumer goods are wood-based.

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