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Putin Celebrates Women Video – InessaS

Is Russia sexist? International Women’s Day in Modern Context….

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th all around the world – but nowhere as prolifically as in Russia and CIS. For one day in a year, you can witness men in various “serious” organisations (police force, the army, etc) engage in “flash mobs” of flower giving to female colleagues and strangers. It is also quite acceptable to turn your usually-serious work place into a “female-friendly” environment, with a touch of “girly” things – usually flowers.

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Russia also has a day for men – Defender of the Fatherland day on February 23rd. This is not celebrated internationally, unlike it’s femaile equivalent.

Is it bad or good to endorse traditional gender roles? I think it is relative. Where the intended message is one of limitation – ie. women may only participate in child rearing or “womens’ jobs” – then that is not a message of inclusivity and personal freedoms.

But where the intention is to celebrate a woman’s personal choice to do that which only women can do – that is quite a different message. To recognise women as primary caregivers, where the quality of that care has direct repercussions on society is an important aspect of feminism.

It is noteworthy also that Russia has the highest number of female CEO’s in the world, irrespective of a cultural norm that prefers traditional gender associations. Around 45% of senior managers in Russia are female.

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