Silver News: Market Trends in 2019 Show Positive Signs


Silver News: Market Trends in 2019 Show Positive Signs from Schiff Gold

Despite lackluster price performance last year, trends are looking positive for silver investors in 2019.

The Silver Institute highlighted increasingly supportive sentiment in the silver market along with a number of technological innovations utilizing the white metal in the latest edition of Silver News.

The institute highlighted two positive signs for the silver market. For one, investors are gobbling up American Silver Eagle coins. Sales were so brisk last week that the US Mint temporarily suspended orders when its inventory ran out. In addition, the expected slowdown in the US FED rate hiking cycle should also benefit silver, which, in comparison to gold, has a very attractive price point based on the high gold to silver ratio.

According to the Silver Institute, silver demand from industrial fabrication, responsible for approximately 60% of total demand, is forecast to rise modestly in 2019. The institute also expects healthy growth in the silver jewelry market.

The latest issue of Silver News highlights some other projected trends in demand for 2019 and also features some fascinating technological developments using silver along with interesting news related to the white metal.

  • Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, have come up with a silver and silk-based material that offers new possibilities for setting and healing broken bones. Silver provides bacterial protection because implants are prone to infection.
  • Silver can help victims of “brain-eating” amoeba. Silver is often used as a carrier for drugs because doctors can pinpoint a specific area of concern and use the metal to bring medicines to that targeted part of the body.
  • Silver nanorods and a smartphone app can detect bacteria faster than current methods. “Observing visible changes in color on the sensor array, one can easily distinguish live and dead bacteria as well as antibiotic-resistant and normal bacteria,” said research team leader Professor J.P. Singh, quoted in India Science Wire.
  • In Honor of Black History Month, the Royal Canadian Mint has designed a 99.99% pure silver tribute to Canadian civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond (1914 1965). The coin will start shipping in June 2019.
  • Physics researchers at the University of Arkansas say they have found a way, using silver ions, to bend strands of DNA out of their regular double-helix configuration. When the DNA strands are bent out of their normal shape, they are easier to see using ‘gel electrophoresis,’ a technique available in most laboratories.
  • The Silver Institute spoke with John Ciampaglia, Chief Executive Officer of Sprott Asset Management.

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