Gerald Celente On Trade Wars, Stocks, Real Estate And Gold

Gerald Celente On Trade Wars, Stocks, Real Estate And Gold from King World News

With the stock market trading lower along with crude oil, Gerald Celente discusses trade wars, stocks, real estate and gold.

Trade Wars, Stocks, Real Estate & Gold
March 6 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  “Despite the near daily proclamations from the mainstream media of the United States launching a “trade war” against China, there is no “war.”

Beyond China, considering the size of the overall U.S. trade deficit which hit a record $914 billion in 2018, as we had long forecast, nations, including China, will negotiate with the U.S. to somewhat level the grossly imbalanced trading field rather than destroy their profit streams…

Further, the media noise that U.S. tariffs are responsible for China’s slowing economy is unsubstantiated since the current U.S. tariffs cut only an estimated 0.7 percent from China’s Gross Domestic Product last year.

The Chinese retail and auto sales slowdown has nothing to do with fears of a trade war, just as India’s economy expanding at its slowest pace in more than a year or the recession in Italy has nothing to do with trade war fears. The world is experiencing a global economic slowdown and consumers have less money to spend.

After denying the truth for almost a decade, now even the mainstream business media acknowledge that world markets and economies were pumped up by cheap money. Economies did not grow as a result of basic economic fundamentals, rather they were artificially inflated by heavy doses of monetary methadone.

More artificial stimulus. The Federal Reserve did a U-turn on 4 January by reversing their aggressive interest rate policy for 2019, pledging to be “patient” in raising rates. Thus, since its 26 December 2018 low, the U.S. stock market rally is among the strongest since 1987.

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