Tammy Bruce Explains Why The Democratic Party Is Toast

Tammy Bruce Explains Why The Democratic Party Is Toast by Rory for The Daily Coin

Tammy Bruce is one of my favorite commentators on current affairs. She has a well balanced view of what is happening and present her views based on the facts with little biases.

While discussing why hillary will not be running for President, again, in 2020 Ms. Bruce provides the most succinct explanation of why the democratic party is nothing more than a group of tribes without direction, without cohesion and without leadership.

We have been told, since November 2016, the election of Donald J Trump was nothing short of theft. Trump, along with all those smelly, Walmart deplorables stole what was rightfully Hillary Clinton’s. Right? That’s what we have been told, over and over and over. If this is true why are the democratic voters running away from hillary now? Why is there not a stampede of people DEMANDING that hillary run in 2020 and take her rightful place in the White House? Why are they, instead, telling hillary to sit down and shut up? hmmmm. I thought she was the second coming of the anointed obama. Guess not.

The republ-ocratic party is nothing more than an assortment of tribes of their own creation. Muslim tribe, trans/whatever tribe, LGBTQWERQWRETWETRYERTY tribe, women’s tribe, anything but white people tribe, black tribe, asian tribe, etc, etc, etc. Across all these various tribes they are all promised free everything for everyone. Well, everyone except those evil white people, especially white men.

Tammy Bruce uses the proper language to explain this in a way that anyone can understand and see clear as the nose on your face. It’s not attacking nor demeaning, just facts. This begins close to the end of the show just after Kamala Harris explains her position against women, I mean for women at the 37:17 mark – don’t miss it.

The opening is, as always, very strong and focused on the Mueller investigation and lack of collision. Of course a liberal democrat is brought on to explain how the democrats are great people and looking out for the American public all the while they are merely interested in stealing all the wealth and grabbing all the power for themselves.

There is also a segment about Jussie Smollet that is well worth your time as Robin Roberts, from GMA, is ripped to shreds and shows why she belongs in the dust bin of history along with Brain Williams and the entire anchor staff of CNN and MSNBC.

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